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Jewelry Displays: It’s All About Presentation

Jewelry Displays: It’s All About Presentation Posted on January 25, 2016

Whenever you walk by a jewelry store window, you should be captivated. At least one of the several jewelry displays should catch your eye and hold it. This is not by – nor ever should it be, by chance. Managers work hard to ensure their window and case displays are attractive, revealing the best-of-the-best their store has to offer. They understand that, when it comes to showing of their merchandise, it is all about presentation.

Jewelry Displays: A Few Tips on Presentation

With the ability to provide attractive displays using trays, presentation boxes and other suitable devices, there is really no reason why jewelry displays need to duplicate those often found in cheap, crowded discount warehouse. You can avoid this particularly undesirable look by considering the following tips.

* Number of Items: Keep the display cases sparse. Never overcrowd as it can create a visual mess where one item runs into the next with the customer’s eye not being drawn to any particular item. They become disengaged from the jewelry displays and wander off elsewhere.

* Product Placement: Always consider where best to put the items in your jewelry cases? Do you want to tell a story? Do you want the eye of your customers to flow from one item to the other sequentially to create their own story? Your jewelry displays can turn around a single item or link several together in a chain.

* Visual Appeal: Some items stand out more than others do. Certain pieces of jewelry will always catch the eye more than others will. Recognize this quality and use it to the display’s advantage. Form the jewelry displays around such set pieces, improving their visual worth by using specific lighting techniques or presentation boxes.

* Use of Fixtures and Props: Employ fixtures and props to heighten the appeal of your displays. Be certain, however, they do not overwhelm the piece or pieces you intend to showcase. If placed appropriately, fixtures can create separate groups within a case creating several points of increased interest for potential customers.

Never overdo the props. Make sure they are suitable to the cases or trays they involve. Using them as contrast or complementary tools can improve the potential for selling the merchandise within the jewelry displays in your store.

By observing the above, you can avoid some of the pitfalls common to many jewelry displays.

Jewelry Displays: Mind Your Presentation

Creating the right display in your windows and inside your door is an art. You and your employees need to develop such a skill. Whether a person purchases a specific item is often down to perception and presentation. Always keep this to the forefront when working on your jewelry displays.

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