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by | Aug 26, 2015 | Woodworking

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The manufacturing industry is a very rough sector of business to get established. If you don’t have the right connections, and suppliers you can find yourself in over your head. Getting out into the business world to start making connections and networking should be one of your top priorities early on. Joining a furniture manufacturers network might be a good step in the right direction, and it will most likely help you get established with some of your potential suppliers. Once you have these resources and friends on your side, then your productivity should begin to slowly improve over time.

Knowledge Is Power

By expanding your network into other industry areas within your sector, and into sectors that are associated with it, you can increase the information your company has access to. This will typically give you additional insight into certain methods of production that can help you begin to streamline your processes. This can have the benefits of shorter man hours, less downtime and increased productivity. Your external resources also might be able to help ease some of your production costs by shipping premade parts directly to you wholesale for much cheaper than the cost of making them yourself.

Problem Solving and Solutions

On several occasions different production problems may arise in your company, and having a strong support network on your side will allow you to reach out and seek assistance on the best methods of handling them. Serious solutions require some hard labor and long hours of consideration in order to make sure that they are financially viable. By using your connections you can share ideas and get ideas about how to directly combat common problems in your industry, and find cost effective solutions that can keep your costs down and allow you to continue to work uninterrupted.

Self-reliance is a good trait, but why force your business to the limit if you can utilize outside sources for information, products and even solutions to problems you’re having trouble solving. As industry leaders you are paving the roads for the smaller companies that work behind you and with you in your sector. If you want to keep your options open, and want to see your area of manufacturing continues to remain at the top of its game. Have you ever heard the saying don’t work harder, work smarter? It’s just good sense to have friends when there are so many potential customers available to everyone.

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