Knowing When It’s Time to Call a Car Accident Lawyer in Phoenix, AZ

by | Sep 14, 2023 | Lawyers

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All car accidents can be traumatic. If a car accident is relatively minor and there are only minimal injuries, you might be able to interact with the insurance company on your own. However, if you are dealing with serious injuries after a serious accident and have large medical bills, long-term injury, and loss of income, then contacting a skilled car accident lawyer near Phoenix, AZ should be top on your to-do list.

Insurance companies have people working hard on their side, and so should you. The more serious the claim, the more resources an insurance company will put into contesting the claim. This is also true in situations where liability is unclear. A car accident lawyer near Phoenix, AZ may be able to help clarify matters showing that the other individual was completely at fault or that they bared a significant percentage of the blame for the accident.

One of the main benefits of working with an attorney is that they can communicate with insurance companies for you. This takes the stress out of the process for you and puts you on a level playing field. Negotiating a settlement in a car accident case can be complicated. However, an attorney understands better than a victim how much the case is worth and how much the insurer will be willing to pay out.

Unfortunately, some insurance companies will try to take advantage of accident victims. They understand that you are under stress and recovering from injuries and that your bills are mounting. They will try to force you to settle quickly for little money. Working with an experienced car accident lawyer might be able to ease the stress of the unknown while at the same time holding the insurance company accountable for paying you the compensation due.

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