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Maintenance Testing By Machine Laser in Austin

Maintenance Testing By Machine Laser in Austin Posted on July 13, 2017

When an expensive industrial machine begins to show the first signs of a problem, it is most often expressed as an annoying vibration. The problem can be large enough to be noticeable to anyone on the factory floor, or small enough only to tell an operator that some small defect has just developed and must be tracked down. Today, such analysis is performed through use of a precision machine laser in Austin.

How Laser Analysis Is Applied

Laser alignment and analysis takes place by comparing a comprehensive set of readings performed with the machine at full operation with those of a static test involving a stationary target pattern. Through such comparison analysis, it is possible to determine to a very high degree of confidence the source of the problem. A test laser is capable of taking readings regarding the spindle alignment, machine geometry, and its roll, bore and spindle alignments. The degree of vibration is tested, compared to previous results of maintenance testing, and the problem identified at a very early stage through fast and accurate reading.

What Type Of Lasers Are Used

Renishaw lasers are most often used to test process milling equipment and printing presses among other heavy duty industrial machinery. The error compensation routines enable dynamic adjustment of the laser through multiple axes of motion and enable repeated accurate tests. These can be performed on a regular schedule for preventative diagnostics to detect even the smallest defect. Straight line and rotating lasers performing measuring tasks impossible in previous times using primitive mechanical tools and mathematical “analysis” that was guesswork to a certain degree.

The Benefit Of Precision

Using a precision machine laser in Austin for such diagnostic work delivers both fast and totally accurate readouts combined with real-time analysis during the test itself. Automating the processes through computer readout has vastly reduced the maintenance interval of a service call. Removing this deterrent from the performance of necessary diagnostic testing has made it perfectly feasible to schedule regular service to evaluate each machine on the production line. The work can be done in a single service call. And any necessary adjustments or even minor repairs can be performed on-site, correcting minor problems before they become major ones. Get more information here regarding the full range of laser alignment services available for industrial clients.

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