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Make an Animal Care Center in Spokane, WA Your Dog’s Home Away From Home

Make an Animal Care Center in Spokane, WA Your Dog’s Home Away From Home Posted on March 29, 2017

Whether you need to travel on business or are leaving for vacation, it is good to know that you can leave your dog at a place where he or she will receive special attention. Therefore, the kennel you choose should be comprised of a caring staff that loves both dogs and cats. You do not want to settle for anything less for your furry canine friend.

Does Your Kennel Feature Running Tracks?

For example, an animal care center in Spokane, WA should feature both a great outdoor and indoor environment for your pet. Running tracks, for instance, both inside and outside, are ideal amenities. Dogs need to keep moving to be their healthiest, so you want the kennel you choose to feature the very best.

When running tracks are provided at an animal care facility, dogs can release excess energy as well as receive a full body workout at any time. Dogs that can run for an extended period, without undue distractions, are happier and better-behaved animals.

Even Dogs Experience a Runner’s High

From a behavioral point of view, running also acts as a kind of antidepressant. Even dogs can experience a runner’s high when running regularly, as the activity lowers the stress hormones in the body. However, this type of experience can only be achieved when a dog can run with a certain degree of intensity. Animal care facilities that offer running tracks then are strongly benefiting your dog.

According to obesity research, just over 50% of dogs are considered overweight. That is why exercise, such as running, is important. The activity increases a dog’s metabolism, which leads to more calories being burned. So, if your dog is prone to putting on weight, a running track is a great way to keep him fit and slim.

Running tracks are just one of the many offerings at places like Marcinda Kennels. If you want to house your pet in a caring facility, strongly review the amenities as well as the staff. Make sure you can call the place a home away from home for your dog or cat.

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