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MIG Welding Defined … Plus Flux Core and Stick Welding Features

MIG Welding Defined … Plus Flux Core and Stick Welding Features Posted on January 4, 2016

What is MIG Welding?
MIG stands for Metal Inert Gas and is useful in welding carbon steel, aluminum, copper, silicon bronze, stainless steel, magnesium and other alloys. It provides a welder with the opportunity to use electricity to create a temperature of up to 7,000 degrees and join a wide range of metals and thicknesses together. After this MIG Welding process is complete (once the heat is removed), the metal cools and solidifies.

Regarding MIG Welding, Cleveland experts know how to perform this welding technique to perfection. Such welding is nothing new to the industry, as the process of fusing metal in this fashion was developed more than 75 years ago. The principal remains the same today. In addition to being easy to learn, the process results in a minimum of weld splatter.

Another form is known as Pulsed MIG, which is accomplished using high-speed manipulation of the electrical output of the welding machine. It allows the user to be a lot more creative in fabricating thin materials because it allows control in distortion and has the capability to thin out its power when it is unnecessary. This too is a very simple form of welding, but provides a high quality product.

Flux Core and Stick Welding
Custom fabrication and contracting service companies are expanding their capabilities, especially when it comes to the welding process. Flux Core Arc Welding has its benefits, in that its higher weld deposition rates reduce the number of arc starts and stops and improve weld fluidity to produce smooth tie-ins and reduce the need for subsequent grinding.

Stick Welding is known to be a little more difficult to perfect because knowing what to do and actually doing it are two very different things. Once you’ve chosen the right rod for the project, the process of stick welding is pretty straight forward, but still plays an integral part in steel machinery repair and fabrication and is worth perfecting as a craft.

The type of welding process utilized depends on the application and best practices desired for that application. Whether it is MIG Welding, Pulsed MIG Welding, Flux Core or Stick Welding, professionals in the welding industry will have a working knowledge of what works best.

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