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Multiple Services from Roof Installers in Nassau County NY

Multiple Services from Roof Installers in Nassau County NY Posted on July 24, 2017

Some roof installers in Nassau County NY prefer to focus on specific types of roofs. Commercial roofing includes mostly flat roofs. There are several kinds of those roofs available, so they provide and install flat roofs. Projects tend to be large which cuts down on travel and setting up scaffolding.

Residential roofs are typically pitched. Installers specialize in shingles of different materials, metal roofs, and repairs. Bigger companies have the capacity to offer multiple services for both commercial and residential customers. Repairs, replacements, chimney repairs, and gutter systems can be selected, installed, and repaired while working with the same company.

Extent of Repair Options

Repairing roofs range from sealing slow leaks to replacing large sections. Most Roof Installers in Nassau County NY encourage roof replacement when repairs are complicated. There are times when a replacement is the only option, but repairs can often prolong the life of the roof. That allows building owners time to prepare for a replacement project.

Those interested in exploring all the options available can contact North Shore Roofing & Siding Corp. Ice and water barriers can be placed on the roof to prevent rain and snow from ruining shingles and attic insulation. Skylights and dormers can be repaired rather than replaced in most cases. Save time and money with a company that focuses on repairs before replacements whenever possible.

Free Consultations

A free consultation is offered to residential and commercial building owners to begin the process. The current condition of the roof is assessed to determine what is needed. Options are presented so owners can be informed decisions regarding how they want to proceed. Questions are answered, selection assistance is provided, and free estimates are available for comparing th costs of each option.

Replacement shingle options include asphalt, 3 Tab, and architectural ones in a wide variety of colors and textures. Flat roofs include rubber, composite materials and Certainteed Flintastic. There are also several coating options for this type of roofing. The coatings are poured on and spread over the finished roof. Once dry, the added benefits are realized. Coatings can make a roof waterproof, block heat to keep a factory cooler, or seal the roof so it lasts longer.

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