New Standards for Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

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The United States Energy Department recently announced new standards for refrigeration equipment efficiency. These new standards come with both good and bad news for business. However, the good news may just outweigh the bad, and here is why.

Negative Impact

First the bad news, costs may rise somewhat if you go to buy a brand new Trane AC compressor (or any brand) because increased energy efficiency takes additional work, engineering, planning and materials. These things can add additional cost to materials and components. Yet, this may be the only negative impact associated with the new standards, as there are several good things to report.

Positive Impact

When you raise efficiency standards, businesses have the chance to recoup their initial costs over time. This is possible because of the saving on electricity, and power is one thing expected to increase in cost over the years. For example, if you need a new or remanufactured Trane AC compressor (upgraded to meet the new energy regulations) it will eventually pay for itself. Plus, over time the savings on energy can represent a significant amount and help to lower operating costs. This can result in increased efficiency, lower prices and both businesses and consumers benefit.

The environment comes out a big winner on the new and efficient energy standards. It is estimated, pollution from carbon compounds in the air may be reduced by as many as 142 million metric tons. This is as much energy as 14 million homes in the US would use each year. The total savings to American business can be close to 12 billion dollars during this time. In addition, total greenhouse emissions can be lowered by almost 2 billion metric tons by 2030.

Business in the US like grocery stores, stand to benefit a great deal from the energy efficiency standards. For instance, a typical supermarket may spend as much as forty percent of its energy bills on their commercial refrigeration equipment. Most refrigeration equipment must run 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. By making this kind of equipment more efficient, electric bills can be lowered significantly.

Saving Additional Money

There is good news for businesses wanting to save money on refrigeration equipment parts in the future. You can still take advantage of the savings created by choosing a reputable source for parts like remanufactured Trane AC compressor units or refrigeration compressors. These companies ensure all of their products meet the current energy standards when they rebuild them for use in business. Plus, they offer green alternatives.

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