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Patio Pavers in Murfreesboro TN Provide Homeowners Many Colors, Styles

Patio Pavers in Murfreesboro TN Provide Homeowners Many Colors, Styles Posted on July 18, 2014

Patio pavers can be a great way to pave a driveway or patio. They look great, are easy to maintain, and come in a host of colors, shapes and styles. Professionals can make quick work of patio paver installation, and know all the right techniques to insure your driveway or patio will look great and last for years. Pavers are generally made of concrete and are shipped on pallets. They are made in lots which can result in color variations. Your professional paver installer knows this, and can mix lots so that color variations appear natural to avoid patches of one shade that make your patio or driveway look blotchy.

As with most home improvement projects, careful planning and site preparation are key. Professionals have all the correct equipment, like wet saws and tamping plates, necessary to create a great looking and long lasting result. Those homeowners considering Patio Paver Murfreesboro TN should consult with a professional concrete company to discuss the various options available to them including paver shape, cut, size, design, color and texture. Professionals will be able to design a pattern of pavers that is pleasing to the eye with a proper boarder that will hold the pavers in place.

The placement of pavers is a multi-step process that includes preparation of the ground, including leveling and installing a weed barrier. Weeds are the enemy of pavers. They can grow between pavers and cause lifting and cracking, making the patio or driveway uneven. Some contractors might suggest a soil additive that prevents weed growth. After the ground has been prepared, your concrete company will lay down gravel or sand and compact it tightly so the pavers have a firm foundation on which to sit, reducing shifting and movement. Patios and driveways need to be sloped so water will run off of them and not pool on the surface. The gravel and sand underneath the pavers will help with drainage as well. Then the contractor will force sand into every crack between pavers to help with drainage and to keep the pavers from moving.

Pavers do not require curing time like concrete does, so it’s a quick way of upgrading your patio or driveway. Those thinking about installing Patio Paver Murfreesboro TN should Click here for more information about pavers, installation and the professionals available to offer estimates and options. Professionally installed pavers give a home a classy look with easy maintenance.

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