Points to Ponder When Considering Cremations in Cincinnati

by | Jul 8, 2014 | Cremation

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One of the most thoughtful things that people can do for their loved ones is to plan & funeral and other final arrangements in advance. Doing so helps to relieve a great deal of stress at a time when they may not be up to making a lot of decisions. Among those final arrangements, it is important to give some thought to Cremations Cincinnati. Before or After the Memorial Service? After settling on Cremations Cincinnati rather than a traditional burial, the next question has to do with the timing. Should the cremation take place before or after the memorial service? Both approaches have their benefits. When some relatives and friends need to see the body during visitations and at the service in order to begin coming to terms with the death, it can be arranged for the funeral director to provide a temporary casket. The casket includes a temporary liner and will ensure that loved ones can view the body during and immediately after the memorial service. Once the service is complete, the director will ensure that the body is transported to the crematorium and the final wishes of the deceased are carried out to the letter. The cremation can also take place before the memorial service.

In this scenario, the ashes are placed in an urn, and are present during the service. It is not unusual for the urn to reside on a small table with a framed picture of the deceased, and possibly a tasteful arrangement of flowers. Who Gets the Ashes? Another point to consider is who will receive the ashes after the cremation is complete. In most cases, this will be a spouse or one of the children of the deceased. If desired, the ashes can be presented to a close friend or other loved one. Make sure to leave written instructions that are properly notarized, so there is no doubt about who should take charge of those ashes. For people who are seriously considering cremation as part of their final arrangements, consulting with experts like B.J. Meyer Sons Funeral Homes is important. They can help with everything from the memorial service to ensuring that the designated party receives the ashes. For more information, visit http://www.bjmeyersons.com.


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