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Portable Sink Styles

Portable Sink Styles Posted on March 2, 2016

Access to running water is sometimes a luxury that individuals take for granted. There are bathrooms available in every restaurant and most shopping centers, making it easy to wash your hands or get a drink. However, there are some situations when you need to be able to access water, but there is limited or no plumbing. Whether your event is indoors or outdoors, a portable sink rental in Los Angeles is useful in many situations.

Tailgating Party

It’s the Fourth of July, and you want to have a tailgating party to relax and watch some fireworks. Having access to running water allows you to minimize the amount of mess at your location. A popular sink model for tailgating has three levels, allowing any person to reach the sink to wash their hands or rinse off dishes. Choose the best color to match the festivities, and wheel the sink wherever you need it.


If you work at a cosmetology school, or run your cosmetology business from home, you may want to use a portable sink. Washing and rinsing hair is difficult in a regular sink or tub, since the surface is not angled to match the curve of your customer’s neck. By renting a sink that is designed for hair washing, you can get a better result while rinsing out products from the customer’s hair. Additionally, you can bring the sink to the area with the best amount of light for optimum precision.

Medical Facilities

Even medical facilities benefit from portable access to a sink. At a medical office, the doctor will usually wear sanitary gloves to prevent contamination. However, if you are suffering from a cut or other open would, running water is essential for cleaning it out. Since most portable sinks can emit hot or cold water, you can have a comfortable temperature to clean out any dirt or debris before you are bandaged.

The Importance of Running Water

The ability to access running water is essential to maintaining cleanliness and minimizing germs in your facility. While the spread of germs is usually a concern during food preparation, it is just as important to consider in a medical situation or anywhere that messes can be made. Seek out the help of a local rental company to give you access to running water in any location, inside or outside.

Rent A Portable Sink allows commercial and personal use of portable sink rentals in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. With a variety of models , Rent A Portable Sink has a sink to meet each customer’s need.

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