Portable Sinks are Cleaning Up

by | Mar 2, 2016 | Plumbing and Plumbers

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Remember the old and oft-repeated adult plea to children to wash their hands? Well, while keeping hands clean is a good idea for maintaining good health. However, for businesses in the food and beverage industry, freshly washed hands are not just a pleasant detail. They are the law. Luckily, compliance is made easier with a variety of portable sinks that can be placed just about anywhere there is commerce. A portable hand wash station lets all types of businesses easily meet the legal requirements of hand washing codes and regulations.

Who Needs a Portable Sink?

Any business related to serving the public food and beverages needs facilities that allow employees to quickly and easily clean their hands, and within this niche many enterprises need such requirements to be accessible and quickly and easily set up. Businesses, events and enterprises that benefit from a portable hand wash station include caterers, festivals and public farmers markets. Institutions such as schools, universities and health and medical facilities also need good quality portable sinks.

Convenient Hand Washing

Aside from legal requirements concerning hand cleanliness for businesses, at a growing number of festivals where food is available, a portable hand wash station is available for public use. While hand sanitizers are easy and convenient, washing hands with soap and water (lathering up for about 20 seconds, or while singing the song “Happy Birthday,” to make sure germs get scrubbed away thoroughly) is still the best way to clean hands. The public is coming to expect having a portable sink available. Certainly laws may vary from one county to the next within every state, and not everyone at a public event will use a sink to clean their hands, but local health departments want to give everyone at least the chance to wash their hands.

About Portable Sinks

These days, portable hand wash stations range from models that are simple and basic to rolling sinks that are downright elegant. Many of these convenient contraptions come with on-demand hot water and room for soap and towels. Using a mobile sink offers an almost identical experience to that of using a traditional, permanent sink.

These days, public events, institutions and businesses need facilities that offer quick and easy cleanliness, and a portable hand wash station offers the most convenient cleanup possible. Whether the users are employees of a food caterer, caregivers at a health facility or people at a public festival, a portable hand wash station allows businesses to meet legal requirements while contributing to a higher level of public health.

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