Protect Your Home or Business Using Pest Control Companies in Tulsa OK

by | Mar 31, 2015 | Pest Control

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As a home or business owner, you have a lot to worry about, but one of the most troublesome concerns involve the invasion of pests like ants, roaches, termites and rodents. Most of the time, these problems come individually, but treatment can be provided for multiple problems or a variety of pests. One common use for this would be treating for roaches, fleas and ants. The typical pesticide can handle multiple insect types and the Pest Control Companies in Tulsa OK can determine which treatment solutions work best for your situation. In some circumstances, the contractor will schedule multiple visits to apply insecticides.

Pests come in all sizes and this can even vary among types of nuisances. For instance, rodents range from the tiny mice that nest within the walls to large rats that can infest a cellar or restaurant. Dealing with rodents can be difficult because they live in deep recesses and breed like crazy. Using traps doesn’t always eliminate the problem because you only catch those that are out foraging. An experienced pest expert will generally use multiple methods of attack including traps and baits. The use of baits is often the best way to eliminate the rodents deep in the walls. However, a combination of baits and traps may be required to completely remove this particular pest.

Both homes and businesses have several pests in common and one of these is the termite. The termite, while existing as a social creature, is not an ant but is actually a member of the cockroach family. They feed on dead plant matter and serve a specific purpose in nature, to clean up dead trees, leaves and similar material. Unfortunately, many of the building materials that people use are the same ones that termites consume. Since the termite doesn’t know the difference, it is up to Pest Control Companies in Tulsa OK to ensure they don’t consume your buildings. This is typically done through proper placement of baits and blocking access to the building. One method for handling termites is the use of trenches that block access to foundations or other points of approach. To learn more about pest control visit You can also check them on Facebook.

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