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Quick Guide to Security and CC TV in New York City

Quick Guide to Security and CC TV in New York City Posted on March 31, 2017

Everyone wants to keep their home safe, which is where security systems come in handy; one of the most common and helpful components of a security system is the camera. Security cameras can do a lot to protect you and your home. They act as a deterrent, they can give you advanced warning if a potential intruder in nearby, and they can catch any event on record wherever they are stationed. Overall, security cameras are a great solution for home security.

There are many different types of security camera systems, but what do you know about CC TV security systems? If you aren’t sure what CC TV in New York City are or you want to learn more, read more below.

What Is CC TV?

CC TV stands for Closed Circuit TeleVision. This means that the video recorded by the camera is closed in transmission, meaning all cameras, recording devices, and display monitors are all directly connected. The footage is recorded using DVR, thus these systems qualify as specialized systems and are not regulated by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission).

What Is CC TV Used For?

Closed circuit television systems are commonly used for security. They have regularly been used in banks and government buildings in the past, however, closed circuit television systems are now beginning to be used in smaller businesses and private homes as well. Closed circuit television systems have also been used for law enforcement purposes and broadcasting.

CC TV Cameras

CC TV cameras, whether they are wired or wireless, can usually be remote controlled. The lenses vary in adjustability. For example, some lenses will adjust only to lighting conditions, while other can be used to zoom in on objects. This can be very helpful in practical security usage.

While CC TV cameras are often visible, hidden cameras can easily be integrated into any closed circuit television system to bolster security with ease. Browse our website for more information about finding the right security system for your home or business.

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