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Radio Advertising: Take Your Message Offline and On the Road

Radio Advertising: Take Your Message Offline and On the Road Posted on December 22, 2014

Because of the prevalence of the internet and television today, radio is often overlooked as a viable option for advertising. This is a mistake that can cost you hundreds, and even thousands of potential customers, because the radio is still a very important resource for consumers today. Radio plays in stores, gas stations, private and public vehicles, and now even over the internet. The world is a very mobile place, with people constantly on the go. While the internet is widely available today, radio still reaches places that internet simply can’t go without costly fees. One of these places is on the road when listeners are driving. Some people can and do pay to have constant internet access wherever it is available, but many do not and this means that your internet advertising won’t be reaching them as often as you’d like. By taking advantage of radio commercials, you can capitalize on an offline method still used by millions of people, and possibly save some money in your marketing budget.

Get More for Less

The fact is, radio advertising is often more affordable as a means to market your brand than any other medium out there. Everyone is getting on the internet and television bandwagons, and that means there is plenty of room and opportunity for you to take advantage of on the radio. People are definitely still tuning in around the world, and when you choose this less costly method you can afford to put out more ads. Radio ads are cheaper to produce than television and website ads, so you will have an easier time making the number you desire for a good price. Most vehicles today are equipped with a working radio, and most drivers turn it on to listen while they drive. It’s a great way to stay within your marketing budget while still effectively drawing in more customers.

Timing is Everything

Of course, you want to be sure that the right consumers are hearing your commercials, and that means purchasing time when you know they will be tuning in. You will need to find out when your target audience is most likely on the road with the radio on, and if it is during a common time like the morning commute then space can be competitive. And don’t forget the lunch hour, when many drivers are on the road for long enough to hear quite a few radio ads. But, you can also consider other times they will be turning on the radio to make sure you reach them even if you didn’t get as much space as you would like during other hours. If you can effectively direct your ads to the right people at the right time, this offline and affordable advertising method can do wonders for your business.

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