Reasons to Call a Transmission Service in Forest Lake, MN Now

by | Mar 22, 2016 | Seo Basics

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Other than having the fluid level checked from time to time, many automobile owners give little thought to the transmissions in their vehicles. It is only when something begins to malfunction that they wonder if a trip to the local transmission service in Forest Lake MN is in order. Rather than wondering, the best move is to take the car in before things can get worse. Here are some signs that the time has come to make that trip.

Going in Reverse Takes Longer

The car used to shift into reverse with no hesitation at all. Now it seems as if the driver can count up to ten before the transmission slips into the right gear and the vehicle begins to move backwards. While it may seem like nothing more than a minor inconvenience now, something is not right with the transmission. Taking the car to a Transmission Service in Forest Lake MN and finding out what is causing the hesitation now could mean preventing more damage to the transmission.

The Passing Gear Barely Works

When it comes to driving along city streets, the transmission seems to work smoothly. It is only on a busy highway that things begin to change. The driver notices that whenever an attempt is made to pass another vehicle, the transmission takes a long time to slip into the passing gear. In fact, the engine gets quite loud before the change is made. Even if the car is mainly driven in the city, it pays to find out what is wrong with the passing gear.

Mysterious Leaks

There’s a leak somewhere. The car owner sees the evidence on the concrete driveway. A closer inspection confirms that the liquid is not oil. There’s a good chance that the leak is somewhere in the line that distributes the transmission fluid. Unless something is done, all the fluid will leak out and the transmission will lock. Now is the time to take the car to the shop and have the problem corrected.

For help with any transmission issue, visit today and set up a service call. Once the problem is identified, it will not take long to make the repair.

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