Reliable and Affordable Dog Walking in Manhattan

by | Feb 9, 2016 | Pets & Animals

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Hiring someone to walk your dog for you on a regular basis is important if you don’t have the time or the desire to do it on your own. Dogs need the social interaction and the exercise. It also helps them to get a change of scenery, which can prevent behavior problems from being exhibited at home. It is important to find someone reliable and affordable for this service.

Ask Questions
Take the time to discuss your needs relating to a dog walking in Manhattan. Find out why a potential dog walker is involved with such a service. Hopefully, they tell you they love dogs and they are passionate about caring for them. If they are just trying to make money, though, they aren’t the right provider for you.

Ask where they will take your dog for a walk and for what length of time. Will it just be your dog, or will there be several others they walk at the same time? You don’t want to risk your dog being harmed by others or not being able to keep up with the rest of them. How long does each walking session last? This can help you to decide how often you want your dog to be scheduled.

Flexibility and Reliability
You need a provider who is able to offer you flexibility. Part of the reason you need to hire someone for dog walking may be that your schedule doesn’t permit you to do it as often as you would like. Knowing they are dependable and that they can show up on time can make a difference. You don’t want to wait around for them, only for them to never show up!

Do they have the expertise to take care of the needs of your dog? For example, if you have a young dog, it may not be used to being on a leash yet. Will they work with your dog and train them so they are easier to walk? Will they pick up any messes your dog makes along the way? You need to know you are hiring someone who will be very good with your dog and whom you can trust.

Affordable dog walking services is important. You want your dog to be able to get out there and exercise. You want them to play, interact, and to get fresh air. However, you don’t want it to become a huge expense for your budget. Negotiate the price from the start so you can budget well for what will be charged. The cost is going to vary depending on the number of walks per week and the duration of those walks, so make sure you’re getting something you think is fair.

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