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Repairing a Broken Windshield

Repairing a Broken Windshield Posted on March 14, 2016

When a rock hits a windshield, an unfortunate crack can be the result, which can quickly become a hazard to the driver and anyone in the vehicle if it is not tended promptly. Going to a company like Harmon Auto Glass in Minneapolis, MN will ensure the windshield is repaired professionally so no one will ever know there was previous damage in the pane.

It is best to go to an auto glass service rather than doing the repair work at home, because if it is not repaired in its entirety, there can be shattering that occurs as a result. Many people believe using a windshield repair kit will be enough to fix the glass. This is often a bad move as there is a chance of inadequate resin application, allowing the windshield to remain weakened in structure.

If the windshield has microscopic breaks around the main crack, it can still shatter upon impact or perhaps just while driving at a high speed. This could cause injury to those in the vehicle as the air bag would not have the windshield to push against to save people from injury. Instead, it would fly outward if the windshield shatters. This could be devastating to anyone who was in the vehicle.

Bring a vehicle with a broken windshield to an auto glass repair shop immediately. They will assess the damage and determine whether it can be patched appropriately or if the entire pane should be replaced. This work can be done within a day or two, making it necessary to leave the vehicle so workers can do their procedures slowly and properly. When the windshield is repaired or replaced, the service will then call the customer to come retrieve the vehicle. They will be able to drive it off the lot if desired as the glass will be as good as new.

If someone needs a professionally-installed or repaired windshield of their own, they can contact Harmon Auto Glass in Minneapolis, MN. This service can also be contacted online at Browse the site and make an appointment if desired.

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