Sedation Dentistry: What to Expect in the Dental Chair

by | May 20, 2015 | Dentist

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If undergoing a dental procedure makes you feel uneasy, you are not alone. Many patients avoid going to the dentist simply because they fear having to go through a procedure. Unfortunately, not going to the dentist can cause undetected problems to worsen over time, thus leading to more serious and costly oral care problems down the road. Sedation dentistry is a viable solution for those who would like to experience calm and peace when having their teeth treated – something they may have thought would never be possible.

The Conscious Sedation Appointment

With sedation dentistry, a doctor will give you a tiny pill that you must consume one hour prior to your dental appointment, or the doctor will use an intravenous attachment as soon as you get to the dental office. In the office, the dental staff will monitor your vital signs as well as determine whether or not you require more medication. As soon as you feel relaxed, you’ll be covered with a cozy blanket, and the dental work will begin and be wrapped up in no time.

What to Expect during a Sleep Dentistry Appointment

During a sleep dentistry appointment, you can expect to experience a state of deep relaxation. An anesthesiologist who is certified will make sure that you are both safe and comfortable during your time in the dental office. You will be totally unaware of your dental treatment. In fact, it will be as though you are asleep at home in bed. When you awake, the treatment will be complete. You will likely feel as though the entire appointment was like a dream.

After the Sedation Dentistry Appointment

Following your sedation appointment, you will likely feel a bit sleepy. The dental staff will continue to monitor your until they know that you’re ready to go back home. Then, your dental office companion will take you home. It is critical that you try to relax the remainder of the day; your companion should keep you company to make sure you stay safe as well. The day following your sedation appointment will be a normal day. With the help of a sedation dentist, your next dental procedure can be easier and more pleasant than ever before.

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