Seeing a Greeley, CO Chiropractor for Back Pain Due to Gym Injuries

by | Jun 29, 2022 | Chiropractic

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A chiropractor in Greeley, CO likely has helped many patients who experienced an injury after an exceptionally strenuous workout. So-called weekend warriors are especially prone to this problem. They are sedentary all week and then overdo it on Saturday or Sunday. Men and women who use gym equipment incorrectly also are more vulnerable to injuries.

An Example

Many fitness center machines can cause back pain if the user doesn’t maintain correct posture or follow guidelines posted on the equipment. Various types of rowing machines are examples. These require the user to stay upright instead of bending forward to row. It’s OK to lean slightly forward and back during the activity, but some individuals lean far too much. That may result in acute low back pain.


A chiropractor in Greeley CO can effectively treat the problem with hands-on spinal manipulation known as an adjustment. The process moves vertebral bones into proper position, thus realigning the musculoskeletal system. Even with debilitating pain, the patient should experience significant positive effects on the first day. Another session or two within the same week may be advisable.

Correct Posture

The chiropractic doctor also can discuss correct posture during various kinds of exercise. The person may be wary of using the same rowing machine again, but this type of equipment actually is beneficial for strengthening back muscles when used the right way. The individual might focus on other gym devices that serve this purpose. Back extension and lat pulldown equipment are possibilities.

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