Selecting Panel Clips For Wall Displays

by | Jan 10, 2017 | Aluminium

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Depending on where you are and what type of professional you are talking with, panel clips may be called Z clips or panel rails and clips. All of those terms are correct, but the Z clip is perhaps the most descriptive.

These clips are used in store display areas, to hang permanent heavy objects such as artwork or mirrors and even to anchor heavy items to the wall. This last option for using Z clips is often used if you have cabinet-style storage in the front of the store or dressers and bureaus used to display merchandise.

By using Z clips of the right size you can secure these large furniture items in place, ensuring that even if a child should climb on the furniture it will not tip over, preventing liability issues while also making a much safer working space.

Keys in Selecting a Size

The longer part of the “Z”, when viewed in cross section will mount to the wall or the item. The shorter size of the Z will interlock, so the one on the wall will point up and the one on the item to be attached to the wall will face down. These two short edges of the Z lock together, holding the panel, object or item securely in place. To remove the item or the object from the wall, simply lift up to disconnect the two and then pull out.

With panel clips, the larger or heavier the object to be mounted is, the longer the Z clips should be to distribute the weight. Typically, these will be pre-punched for screws or fasteners into the wall or object. They are usually sold in standard lengths of two inches, six inches or a foot. Some aluminum companies also provide custom lengths, which may be a consideration with different components for wall displays in various retail outlets.

Invisible Holding Ability

Choose the length of panel clips that will keep them hidden from view. They don’t need to be finished or painted as they will not be seen when in use. These clips are so effective and decrease the time required to add wall panels that they are in most displays in retail outlets.

Fast to install, very low cost and designed to last a lifetime, these are an ideal option for any retail wall panels, for hanging small or large items, or for securing displays, signs and artwork where ever required.

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