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Senior Care: 10 Tips to Keep Your Loved One Healthy

Senior Care: 10 Tips to Keep Your Loved One Healthy Posted on January 28, 2020

The care needs of your senior loved ones increase as they age. Health needs are arguably the most obvious needs of every human being. Below are five health tips to keep your loved ones healthy:

• Social Interaction
• Healthy Eating
• Mental Health Care
• Dental Care
• Eye Health

Social Interaction
Social interaction is vital to the mental and physical health of your senior loved one. Encourage and enhance it: Video call loved ones together, visit the neighbors together, and take casual walks together.

Healthy Eating
The digestive tract grows increasingly slow with age. This is why the risk of constipation and dehydration increases with age. Ensure your loved ones eat high-fiber foods and drink lots of water.

Mental Health Care
The decline of mental health with age is inevitable, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be stalled. Stimulate your loved one’s mind with puzzles. Activities like reading, writing, and taking up new hobbies are also documented to mitigate the decline of mental health.

Dental Care
Dental infections become more prevalent as we age. Health conditions associated with the elderly, like heart disease and diabetes, are also documented to increase the risk of dental problems. That said, senior people require frequent dental visits; twice every year is pretty standard.

Eye Health
Most eye conditions only exhibit symptoms after substantial damage to the eyes. Glaucoma is a good example. This condition causes irreversible blindness. When detected early, however, it is easily manageable.

Your loved ones should be screened regularly for eye problems. If they wear glasses, have them checked regularly for vision changes. Vision changes accelerate with age, and senior people need to change their eyeglasses as frequently.

Even when armed with these tips, you’ll need the input of professional caregivers every once in a while. If you’re shopping for senior care providers in the greater Chevy Chase MD area, look no further; Capital City Nurses has got you covered. Contact us for more information.

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