Short Term Office Rental in NYC-Don’t Be Fooled

by | May 19, 2016 | Business

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There is a big difference between a short term office rental in NYC through a leasing agent that is managing property and what you may be considering a “short term”. In many cases the advertising is deceptive. Short term does not have to mean 6 months nor does it have to mean 3 months it can actually mean 2 hours. If you are looking for a short term rental because you will only be in town for a week or a day or even on a layover for a few hours you do have options, do not let property managers fool you into thinking you do not.

Short Term Can Be Flexible
Sharing office space in Manhattan is not unusual at all but some property managers would like you to think that you have to become a sublease on a contract to use the space. That is not at all true. Of course you do have to consider that a property manager’s purpose is to make money of the building so if they can convince you that you HAVE TO sign some sort of lease agreement for at least 3 months it is to their benefit.

Short term can be an hour!
The Right Help
If you have been hearing that:

  • You have to commit to a “term”
  • You must be on the lease as a sublease
  • You cannot simply rent a space for an hour or a day or a week and it cannot be flexible

You are listening to the wrong people. There are very flexible options out there that do not require any commitment that can work nicely around your schedule and your needs.

Consider Sage Workspace before you make any decisions about renting a workspace!

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