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Smart Kitchen Clog Removal to Improve Residential Plumbing in Carmel IN

Smart Kitchen Clog Removal to Improve Residential Plumbing in Carmel IN Posted on September 10, 2018

Having a clogged drain in the kitchen can be a huge inconvenience and a potential health hazard if left unfixed for a long period of time. Materials such as grease, hair, food waste, soap, and mineral accumulation can all clump together and form a blockage in the drain. This disrupts proper water flow and can attract rodents and insects. To correct this problem, implement the following steps for drain pipe blockage removal to improve residential plumbing in Carmel IN.

Use Bleach and Water

A drainage problem solution should first start with household bleach. Use one cup undiluted bleach for this task. Pour it down the drain through the drain opening. Let it sit for about 20 to 30 minutes. This allows the chemical to dissolve the contents of the blockage. Follow this with a gallon of boiling water. Repeat these steps when the clog remains in place.

Implement a Plunger

When household bleach fails to remove a blockage, implement a plunger. This tool fits tightly over the drain pipe opening. It uses pressure to dislodge clogs. Start by applying a small amount of lubricant such as petroleum jelly to the underside of the plunger’s lips. Firmly press the plunger into the side of the sink near the top. Slide the plunger down the side of the sink, across the bottom, and over the drain opening. Press down on the plunger and rapidly move it up and down about 10 times. Pull the plunger up rapidly. Water should rush into the sink when the blockage is removed.

Utilize an Auger

A plumber’s auger can be utilized to remove a blockage in the drain pipe when a plunger does not work. This long piece of coil is fed into the drain through the cross-grids in the drain opening. Carefully move it around bends to protect the drain pipes. Always thoroughly read the manufacturer’s instructions before attempting this more complicated plumbing repair.

A hindrance to water flow can present a problem for the plumbing system and household assets. When bleach, plunger use, and auger utilization fails to remove a clog, it’s a good idea to contact us at Business Name. The experts at this company provide customers with repair, maintenance, and installation services to enhance residential plumbing in Carmel IN.

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