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Specialized Memory Care Facility in Middlesex NJ

Specialized Memory Care Facility in Middlesex NJ Posted on June 21, 2020

Many seniors who require Alzheimer’s care are placed on a special wing of an assisted care facility and separated from other residents. Space becomes smaller, activities become decreased, and care is based on simple commands and repetition. That scenario does not have to be the case. Places with a different approach to care focus on individual needs while including seniors in socialization and activities that ensure a high quality of life. Seniors do not have to be secluded and slowed down during the day, they simply need more specialized care.

A Memory Care Facility in Middlesex NJ utilizes highly trained professionals and memory care specialists to provide for needs while encouraging as much interaction and independence as possible. Compassionate care services are developed to meet needs and ensure safety and security within the assisted living apartments. Routine wellness reviews are completed for all seniors who live in the apartments. Reviews are used to assess levels of care, and specialists communicate any changes to seniors and their family members.

Specialized care levels, of which there is seven, are designed to provide for any needs that exceed routine assistance with daily activities. Levels are assessed based on areas such as bathing, hygiene, mobility, diabetic management, memory skills, medication administration, and others. The Memory Care Facility in Middlesex NJ is the same facility that caters to all levels of assisted living needs, from very independent to needing higher levels of care.

People live in their own apartments that include a private bathroom, and separate climate co trolls for their privacy and comfort. If needs increase for any reason, they will be met. That can include a progression in Alzheimer’s disease, a recovery from an injury or treatment, declining health, or any medical condition that worsens. Meeting needs for people can be done effectively in their own living space, where things are familiar and they are comfortable.

Inclusion in activities is also encouraged. A varied social calendar keeps the mind and body active, as well as encourages hobbies, new interests, and continuing friendships. Staffing levels are adjusted to suit the needs of those participating. Activities include exercising, such as yoga classes, weight training, bike riding, golf, walks, and billiards. Social clubs include a garden club, men’s club, a book club, and a baking club.

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