Spyder Auto Lights – Features and Benefits

by | Jun 6, 2016 | Autos

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In the early 1900’s, people could see at night only with candles, fires, gaslights, or oil lamps. Now, using electric light we are able to brightly light outdoor areas, such as the road when we’re driving at night. Road safety is improving as lighting technology advances and illuminated field of vision increases. Spyder auto lights illuminate the roads and the interior of vehicles, producing a bright, crisp light that is close to natural daylight.

Interior Auto Lights

Focus is on ambient lighting when it comes to interior auto lighting. Interior auto lighting design is about mood, fashion, comfort and function. They can be easily controlled to match the travelers’ preference. An important feature is the ability to brighten or dim the lights for certain activities like map-reading or search mode, which may require brighter light levels. It is important that certain factors are considered during the design of interior auto lights, such as reflection and glare of lights on interior surfaces, especially during night driving.

* Interior Auto Light Variations

* Wide-area roof illumination

* Footwell lighting

* Lighting of displays

* Lighting of instrument clusters

* Exterior Auto lights

Exterior auto lights allow the driver to navigate during extreme weather conditions with better confidence and with less fatigue during night driving. A full range of exterior vehicle lighting is available.

* Exterior Auto Light Variations

* Tail Lights

* Tailgate Lights

* Fog Lights

* Headlights

* Off-Road Lights

* Improved Lighting Technology

Improvements in lighting technology have created remarkable visibility and better durability. Auto lights now have excellent shock and vibration resistance, giving considerably greater reliability. Spyder auto lights are designed to give a color that is closer to natural daylight. The light produced provides the driver with many benefits. It assists a person’s eye and allows better visibility and safeguards against hazards. Improvements in the technology of auto lights has also allowed for lower power expenditure.

One of the more impressive improvements in auto light technology is their ability to identify and adjust to changes in their environments. These new lights use sensors to change the positioning of their streams of light. They will light up the road ahead if the vehicle turns, for example, rather than the sides, as normal headlights do.

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