Steps for Starting a Personal Injury Claim in Hawaii

by | Jan 11, 2019 | Accidents Lawyer

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In Hawaii, personal injury claims are filed when a consumer or individual sustains injuries that could’ve been avoided. The types of claims managed under personal injury laws could include medical malpractice, product liability, premises liabilities, and auto accidents. A local attorney can help victims file a personal injury claim in Hawaii to collect compensation.

A Complete Assessment of the Victim’s Injuries

A doctor provides a full assessment of the victim’s injuries. They diagnose the injuries and any organ systems that were affected in the accident or event that caused the injuries. It is the findings of the doctor that determine if the victim has a viable claim.

Documenting the Injuries and Event that Caused Them

The victim’s medical records support the legal claim and provide documentation of the victim’s injuries. The records outline each injury and explain all treatment used to treat the injuries. The documents show what effects and symptoms the victim will experience and for how long. The projected length of their recovery is outlined in the records as well.

Securing Witnesses and Depositions

The attorney assesses the details provided by the victim or their family. Witnesses to the event that caused the injuries are contacted, and depositions are conducted. Any information obtained that will support the victim’s claim is collected, and witnesses may testify during the hearing. The victim needs detailed evidentiary support to present their case to the court.

Presenting the Case in Court

The attorney presents the case to the court and offers an explanation for why the claim was filed. Any financial losses incurred by the victim are included in the claim. All invoices from doctors or property damage repair services are included in the claim. The attorney discusses the probability of success with the victim or their family before the case starts.

In Hawaii, personal injuries could occur at any time under a multitude of circumstances. The event that led to the injuries dictates the type of personal injury case that is filed. It also determines what guidelines may apply and which laws apply. Victims who need to start a personal injury claim in Hawaii are encouraged to visit right now.

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