Steps for the Proper Care of In Ground Pools in Nassau County NY

by | Jul 2, 2014 | Business

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Having a pool is a great asset. The waters are very inviting after a hard day at work, and the pool can also make enjoying the weekend all the easier. Along with the fun, homeowners also need to think about the proper care of their In Ground Pools Nassau County NY, contact Sky Blue Pools Nassau County NY to get pool services. Here are some points to keep in mind.

Regular Cleanings

Most pool designs have at least a few areas where water circulation is limited or non-existent. Those areas are prime real estate for the growth of bacteria and algae. At the very least, the entire pool should be brushed down at least once a week in order to prevent this type of buildup. This is true even if the pool is equipped with an automatic cleaner. Check the Pump helps to improve water circulation and also helps to push the water through the filter. Some people think that they only have to run the pump for a few hours each day. In fact, it is better to run the pump constantly and check the filter at least once a week to see if any major amounts of debris have collected in the device. Test the Water Maintaining the proper alkaline level in the pool water is important. It only takes a few minutes to test the chlorine and pH level of the water. Do so on a daily basis, and it will be much easier to ensure the water does not begin to take on the consistency of soup. Keep in mind that it is necessary to add chemicals to the water from time to time. Keep the right ones on hand and use them as directed when the testing indicates some sort of imbalance. This will head off possible issues that would damage the pump or cause the filter to fail much sooner that it should. While homeowners can manage these and some other tasks associated with the care of In Ground Pools Nassau County NY, not everyone has the time. When this is the case, Visit Website and find out what professional pool services have to offer. Setting up a maintenance contract will ensure that the pool is kept in excellent condition and is always ready for the owner to use.

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