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Storefront Glass Repair Handles Cracks and Breaks

Storefront Glass Repair Handles Cracks and Breaks Posted on April 14, 2017

A company’s storefront, including its windows and entryway doors, helps contribute to the overall impression customers get when they visit. It’s important to keep the glass in the windows and doors in good repair and looking as up-to-date as possible. When glass starts to crack or break, no matter what the reason, repairs should be done as quickly as possible. Layne Glass Services in the Fort Worth and Arlington areas can handle storefront glass repair so that it looks as good as it did when it was originally installed.

There are a number of reasons entryway glass in doors and windows becomes damaged. Some of the more spectacular and newsworthy instances occur when a car drives through the front window, a wild animal such as a deer becomes disoriented and crashes into the window or the door or window is broken in a robbery attempt. However, storefront windows and doors also break in other ways. The tempered glass used in storefront windows can crack for no apparent reason. Known as spontaneous breakage, this occurs when small breaks or cracks develop, often during the installation process. Cracks that are practically unnoticeable continue to expand until they finally overwhelm the strength of the glass and it cracks extensively or breaks without warning.

Stress breaks are similar to spontaneous breaks in that the conditions leading up to them occur over time rather than all at once, as in an accident. Stress cracks and breaks show that the storefront window or door is starting to deteriorate due to outside conditions. High winds or hail from thunderstorms may not break a storefront’s glass, for example, but instead contribute to the small cracks that eventually become so large that the glass is compromised. The wood, vinyl or metal frame might have become damaged or have shrunk enough that the glass isn’t secure. Seals can also break, leading to glass damage.

When a company’s storefront glass cracks or breaks, it’s essential to have it repaired immediately. Broken or cracked glass doesn’t just look bad. Employees and store inventory aren’t safe, and passers-by can be injured if the glass breaks even more. Expert technicians who are experienced in storefront glass repair can quickly return a company’s window or entryway door to its original beauty. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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