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Study for Your Utah Real Estate License Online

Study for Your Utah Real Estate License Online Posted on August 12, 2015

If you’re looking to begin a career in real estate but find yourself short on time, you may find the perfect solution in online real estate programs. These computer classes combine audio and video presentations and provide everything you need in order to earn your licensing certification. Those who are already licensed as real estate sales agents can take advantage of the many online Continuing Education (CE) courses or take the appropriate courses to become either a Principle Broker or an Associate Broker.

Real Estate Classes Are as Close as Your Tablet

The online real estate programs are presented in Flash™ format, which is available for most tablets, but the use of a Wi-Fi link is recommended to obtain the best results. Both iPad™ and Android users will have to install a flash browser. Kindle Fire owners can go to the programs using the device’s own browser, but may have to move through the courses manually.

Online Courses Include Real Instructor Support

A wealth of information is offered through the online courses, starting with the 120-hour, state-required Sales-Agent Pre-License Course. You’ll also be able to access PDF textbooks that cover both national and State of Utah real estate law. There will be reviews, chapter quizzes and examples of real-life situations throughout each program. But it isn’t all about learning in cyberspace. Instructors are available by phone during regular business hours on weekdays and by email nights and weekends. Technical support is also available by email and phone.

Continuing Education Enhances Your Knowledge

Many Continuing Education courses are available online; they are grouped into 6- to 18-hour packages. One 9-hour package, for example, includes “Utah’s 21 Ways to Lose Your License” (6 hours) plus “Utah’s Laws That Could Bite You” (3 hours). Other CE courses include information about Utah property management, the state’s real estate records system and office procedures for brokers. In addition, a new real estate agent must take the New Agent 12-Hour Continuing Education Course in order to renew his or her license for the first time.

Individual Classes Keep Important Information Top of Mind

Whether you’re a real estate novice or a seasoned professional, you can gain valuable information from Online real estate programs that cover such issues as Fair Housing Laws, ethical mistakes, Utah Landlord Tenant law, lien procedures and much more. Having a good grasp of laws and how they are enforced will help you limit your exposure to liability and other legal issues.

Earn Your Real Estate License on Your Own Time

Online real estate programs offer high-quality, time-saving educational resources. Visit website to find out how online real estate programs from Institute if Real Estate Education can assist you in becoming a licensed agent, prepare you for the next steps in your career and help you excel through ongoing CE courses.

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