Summertime Styles Make Underarm Waxing a Necessity

by | Jan 9, 2017 | Beauty Salon

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There is nothing better than arriving at the beach, tossing down a towel and kicking back in the sunshine. Women spend months preparing for swimsuit season with diets, toning exercises, and tanning. Hair removal is a big concern too and finding the perfect solution for legs is easy. The more difficult decision is how to keep armpits stubble-free. Shaving is the most common method women use for hair removal under their arms. It is fast and simple to do when showering. Unfortunately, it is not the perfect solution.

  • Shaving often leaves a shadow behind no matter how carefully it is done. This is the thick hair under the skin.
  • Razor burn happens frequently and the redness and burning are worse when exposed to the sun and chlorinated pool water.
  • Small cuts and nicks create an infection risk and cause discomfort.
  • Shaving often leads to ingrown hairs and rashes that look unsightly and may also become infected.
  • Shaving is a daily task and during summer many women prefer sleeveless clothing that may mean an evening touch up is sometimes necessary.

A better option is to forget about using a razor and consider waxing instead. Underarm Waxing causes a small amount of discomfort when performed but it prevents the repeated discomfort and disadvantages of shaving.

  • Eliminates the risk of ingrown hair and razor burn.
  • Prevents scratches and cuts.
  • The smooth and stubble-free skin lasts as long as four weeks.
  • There is no shadow of visible hair under the skin because the hair is removed from the root and is not left directly under the skin.
  • Armpit shadows caused by darkened skin may also improve because the underarms are exfoliated prior to waxing.

Underarm Waxing is easiest at a salon rather than at home. They have professional products that guarantee a clean result the first time. Their advice for aftercare will keep the skin soft and clear following the appointment. The effectiveness of waxing improves with repeated treatments and many people can extend their appointments to every six weeks. Many women discover that repeated treatments cause less discomfort because the hair is often thinner and less coarse after waxing. The salon technicians will offer pre-waxing tips to help make each appointment as successful and comfortable as possible.

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