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Swimming Pool Repair in Pearland to Resolve Cloudy Water Issues

Swimming Pool Repair in Pearland to Resolve Cloudy Water Issues Posted on December 30, 2016

Sometimes Pool Repair in Pearland becomes necessary, which can happen for a variety of reasons. For example, the water may become cloudy, or accumulate too many particulates or too many algae. A filter, skimmer or drain may not be working properly, or the pool owner may not have been running the filter as long as it should be.

Technicians who provide Pool Repair in Pearland can fix or replace equipment if that is necessary. The filtration system may be malfunctioning, or it may have become dirty. If the problem involves the filter not being on frequently enough, vacuuming the pool will resolve the problem. First, the pump and filter system should be run for several hours, and then the pump shut off for several more hours.

If the problem is severe or the family needs faster results, the technician adds a chemical that sends algae and other particulates to the floor of the pool. The chemical forces pieces of this debris to bond together, making them heavier. After this material settles on the bottom, it can be effectively cleaned out.

Afterward, the technician from a company such as Cryer Pools & Spas vacuums the pool. The pump valve will be put on the waste setting, so the dirty water doesn’t run through the filter. The filter will not be able to clean this excessive amount of dirty water and will wind up sending the debris back into the pool.

A garden hose for refilling will be required since vacuuming removes a great deal of the pool water. Then the pool chemicals will need to be rebalanced since a large influx of fresh water dramatically changes the composition. Once the project is complete, the family can get back to enjoying swimming and water fun quickly. In the future, running the filter per the pool technician’s recommendations typically will prevent the problem from developing again. The pH balance and the chlorine level should be checked and adjusted regularly. If the pool owner does not have time for this, professional maintenance service is available. Click here for more information on particular pool repair service.

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