Textured Wall Coverings: Better than Paint?

by | Dec 16, 2014 | Home Improvement

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Plain and solid wall coverings are a thing of the past. Most modern homes and offices today use textured wall coverings for added depth to design. With advancements in manufacturing technology, the texture quality of these wall coverings has also been rising steadily, adding much more depth to design in the wall covering itself. The variety in textures available in the market today is mindboggling. You can even customize the textured wall covering to your personal liking. Customization options may include the color, feel, and quality among many other factors. However, remember to source your material only from trusted and high quality manufacturers or dealers.

Better than Paint?

While textured wall coverings are gaining popularity around the world, some people still prefer simple paint to coat their walls. If you are one of them, learning about the following benefits of wall coverings over paint may help change your mind.

  • Longer life: Wall coverings, on an average, last much longer than paint. They do not wear or tear as easily, and their maintenance is also simpler. You will not have to worry about peeling or chipped paint or be bothered with repainting your walls often to keep them looking new. This is why wall coverings are preferred by families with young kids who can easily damage coatings of paint.
  • Long term savings: Depending on the user and environmental conditions, paint coatings start to wear off after at least a few years and repainting costs are always on the rise. Due to their higher average lives, wall coverings can help reduce your long-term expenses as well as the time it takes to repaint your rooms.
  • Variety: Textured wall coverings offer you a wide range of design and color options to choose from. You can design an entire room based on the choice of your wall covering. They are capable of adding vibrancy to your spaces that paint just cannot match.
  • Easy Removal: Tired of your current texture? No problem. All you need to do is carefully peel off the covering, and your wall is an open canvas once again. However, repainting is a must if you want to get rid of the current coat of paint. This again adds to the expenses.
  • Hiding Stains: Sometimes, even multiple layers of paint are not able to hide stains and blemishes on the wall. This problem can be simply solved in style using wall coverings of your choice.

Reliable Online Options

Many people prefer to see the material first hand, but many reliable manufacturers sell textured wall coverings online. They may even offer discounts and long warranty deals. Be sure to check all technical specifications and certifications before your purchase, and make a responsible and informed choice.

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