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The Advantages Of Choosing An EASYIO-FG32 Controller

The Advantages Of Choosing An EASYIO-FG32 Controller Posted on November 29, 2019

When programmable and precision control is a critical feature in any building, find the best controllers is always a critical consideration. Today, an even more important feature is often the use of an internet ready controller that is easy to integrate into the current system. One of the most popular options that meet all of these criteria is the EASYIO-FG32.

This is a streamlined, small sized component that is a good option for most types of applications, working environments, and systems. The unit is designed to operate even in extreme environments and can be used in up to 95% non-condensing relative humidity and in temperatures from 0 to 65 degrees Celsius, or 32 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

Connectivity Considerations

The EASYIO-FG32 can be programmed using any open-source type of controller programming tool, but they are designed for use with the Sedona/Niagra system. The controller configuration and options for multi-protocols means it can be used across a wide range of both generic as well as application specific types of requirements.

The serial ports on the EASYIO-FG32 allow for Modbus, BACnet, and two wire, half duplex applications. There are also internet port options, with full support of IP, TCP, UDP, HTTP, FTP, as well as Modbus, Sedona, and BACnet IP and ethernet.

Other Benefits to Consider

This controller offers a miniSD card for maximum data storage and logging within the device. It has been configured to integrate with any cloud services in use and can be used to manage the Internet of Things components without the need for an additional server on the system.

The ability to simply connect the controller and controller without the need for additional hardware and software makes Building Automation easier, more efficient, and less costly for facilities of all sizes and complexities.

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