The Advantages Of Using APA Format

by | Jan 13, 2016 | Education

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APA format is a popular writing style that has grown out of the collaborative nature of the American Psychological Association – a group of brilliant minds who come together to discuss, express and works towards a better world within the social science realm. This writing style, which came about in 1929, was set forth as a means of establishing written standards that would help those working in the social science field better share their results and findings with other scholars, as well as the general population. Today, it has grown to become one of the most well-recognized and widely used writing formats in the nation. There are several advantages to exploring this writing technique, including its consistency; clear and concise, well-structured manner; and its tribute to high professional standards.


One advantage of using APA format is that it is consistent with the advanced professional standards within the social science field. Since it has been widely adopted by many professional, academic and research institutions within the United States, there are many writers and researchers who employ this particular technique. The APA bibliography format provides a means for consistent, uniform writing among all professionals within this area of study.

Clear & Concise

When it comes to sharing scientific findings, there is nothing more important than conveying results in a very clear and concise manner. Often times, writers will confuse readers with a bunch of scientific jargon and pictorials that are often difficult to understand. Unlike more creative writing styles that allow for a lot of “fluff” words, APA format forces writers to be very thoughtful, clear and concise in their message. It encourages them to provide specific details and to paint a very straightforward picture; rather than using a number of vague descriptions and nondescript explanations. It also encourages them to diversify their word bank a bit; utilizing words that are free from bias to inspire thoughtful discovery.

Adheres to High Standards

When it comes to professional standards, APA format stands for the best in the social science field. Writers who utilize this writing format are adhering to the strict guidelines set forth by those working for the American Psychological Association – which gives them an air of credibility that other writing styles simply can’t provide. It also shows that they respect the professional organization that put forth the written standards for APA. In addition, readers who indulge in scholarly writing that employs the APA format are sure to receive a well-intended, clear and concise message that is easy to understand and digest. Click here for more information!

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