The Aluminum Custom Extrusion – Your Solution for Personal and Professional Projects

by | Dec 1, 2015 | Business

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We are so fortunate to live in a world that revolves around the needs of customers. In the past, companies would design products that were loosely based on what customers needed, requiring the customer to perform modifications if the part didn’t quite serve the required purpose.

In modern times, however, companies enjoy offering custom-designed products to suit particular, unique needs of each customer. This saves you the time and effort of having to modify precut extrusions, and allows you to offer an overall greater quality product.

Get the Extrusion that Suits Your Needs
If you work in an industry that requires very particular parts, or are an individual who enjoys crafting personal projects at home, then you can understand how frustrating it can be when you can’t find the unique parts that you need. Fortunately, you can now acquire extrusions that are designed to your specifications.

This affords you the benefit of never having to try to modify a precut extrusion, and still not getting the result you want. Instead, you can work with experienced engineers to custom-design the parts you need. This carries the extra advantage of insight from the engineers, who already have plenty of experience in a variety of custom extrusion needs.

From Billets to Extrusions – How these Custom Parts are Made
The process of making these extrusions exposes why they can be so precisely crafted to suit any need. First, an aluminum billet, or log, is heated to about 900 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature doesn’t get it into a molten state, but does make it malleable under high pressures.

The next stage involves a ram exerting up to 3000 tons of pressure and forcing the billet into a die cast. This squeezes the metal into the desired shape and produces one long aluminum extrusion.

This is pulled out and cut into smaller, more practical sized extrusions, which are easier to work with. These hot extrusions are then cooled off to room temperature, a process that unfortunately makes them shrink and warp.
To counter this warping, each piece is then stretched again, to pull them back into the shape and strengthen the structural integrity. Finally, the ends that were gripped and pulled are cut off to provide a fine, clean finish.

This long and intense process is how each aluminum custom extrusion is made to perfection, and is why custom aluminum extrusions are the ideal solution for any personal and professional projects. For more insights on aluminum extrusions and other quality molded metal products, visit Eagle Mouldings and speak with our consultants today.

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