The Amazing Variations In Marble Travertine

by | Jun 25, 2015 | Home and Garden

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Creating a unique look to a home is a goal for anyone building a custom designed home or for a person renovating an existing residence. To let your personality and sense of style shine through, look to marble travertine for both interior and exterior flooring and surfacing possibilities.

In actuality, marble travertine is a bit of a misnomer. Marble and travertine are both natural stone that are formed from limestone. However, they are formed under different conditions, which create the very dense and solid marble and more porous or perforated and softer looking stone travertine.

The term marble travertine is often used to describe specific finished to travertine, which can look incredibly shiny and smooth or it can be specially treated to be more rustic and warm in appearance. Regardless of the preference for the finish, it is a beautiful, value-adding natural stone for both indoor and outdoor use.

Indoor Options

The full versatility of marble travertine is evident with interior tile. When polished, this stone looks very similar to marble. In fact, it is often mistaken for marble by those not familiar with its beauty.

While filled and polished this tile is elegant and classic, but never cold or hard looking. Instead, it invites you to come into the room, coordinating with any colors and décor. When left rustic and natural it is a lovely addition that brings the old world style right into your home.

However, unlike natural stone materials, travertine comes in a wealth of rich, luxurious colors. These colors include the reds and gold of the autumn to the blues and grays of the deep sea. With subtle patterns created by deposits in the stone or more stylized patterns within the marble travertine, every tile is slightly different, providing a mesmerizing flooring option for any room in the home.

Exterior Use

When marble travertine is used outdoors as pavers, it is a perfect addition to a pool deck, a patio, walkways or any outdoor living space. It is also a very elegant option for a private drive.

For outdoor use marble travertine is typically left more rustic looking and finished in tumbled, honed or brushed options to create a natural looking stone. Chiseled edges help in giving that aged and classic weathered look.

The variations in not only the colors but also the finishes and tile and paver sizes and patterns suitable for marble travertine makes this an incredibly popular natural stone for any use, indoors or out.

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