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The Basics of Small Business Networking Solutions

The Basics of Small Business Networking Solutions Posted on March 16, 2018

Depending on what kind of small business you own, the quality of your internet network can make or break you. Not only by impending the Wi-Fi of your customers, but also by impending the work of your employees. Ours is a market increasingly driven by the internet, so having at least a stable network connection is imperative for any business, big or small, to survive. But networks are a complicated subject, and not every business owner is going to fully understand even the basics. To help anyone in that situation, looking for network solutions in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, here are the basics to network solutions for small businesses.

Megabits are a measure of data size, or in this case, network speed per second. The higher the megabit count, the faster your network runs. It also determines how fast you can download or upload information onto that network. The level of service can mean the difference between a download/upload taking 2 minutes or 2 hours. Although on a general basis, downloading is significantly faster than uploading. . The rates listed here should only be discussed as a general guide. Obviously, context is important, and there may be other factors playing in to make the speed higher or lower.

Business networking solutions
If you are running a business, it’s best if you try to get your hands on a business internet package from your ISP. While not as pervasive throughout the country as they probably should be, these packages offer much more reliable megabit rates and generally faster speeds than the consumer based variety. Consumer internet services run on a model that gives the best internet service it can at that particular moment. And rest assured, that speed will slow to a crawl the second you least want it to. While it may not get to the speeds a consumer service will on a good day, a business internet service will provide a much more stable service.

Ethernet and fiber optic cable
If you work in an area that doesn’t have very reliable high speed internet, one loophole business owners have found is ethernet, or more recently, fiber optic cable. If you live in the right area, you can plug in your business’ network into a fiber optic network using these cables. In areas where high speed internet is slow, even lackluster connection through these cables are superior to the wireless networks.

If you’re looking for more detailed walkthroughs of networking solutions for your business, as well as any products that may help you with that, check out Tech Solutions.

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