The Different Types of Pest Removal

by | Dec 16, 2015 | Pest Control

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Termites – they really are a pain in the butt and if you don’t manage a termite infestation sooner rather than later, you could be risking structural damage to your property and other wooden fixtures inside. These critters feast on wood but not just thin sheets of wood. Oh no, without pest removal termite control, subterranean termites could chew their way through wooden structures and create mud tunnels. In fact, so good at excavating pieces of wood are these eusocial insects that they can gnaw continuously – 24 hours a day, seven days a week! They live in colonies therefore if you notice piles of shed wings, damaged wood or paint that appears to be buckling, these are good signs that the colonies are growing and an infestation is occurring. Don’t panic though, because Pest control experts can eradicate termites with the following methods.

Traps and Baits

If damage is already at an extreme level, chances are the termite population is very large. In this case, traps and baits won’t be all that effective at exterminating whatever colonies have currently burrowed their way into the insides of wooden structures. However, traps and baits are a popular choice of pest removal termite control for the management of termites in moist areas and piles of wood. Slow-acting, bait stations will only be introduced when a lot of critter activity is detected in particular areas with the use of monitoring stations.

Termite Barriers

This is a preventative approach to pest removal termite control and you might consider it once the initial infestation has been dealt with. Physical termite barriers offer a strong layer of protection for the home. Usually, the barrier will be made from a mixture of soil and chemicals. This chemically treated soil works well for stopping termites from entering access areas. An alternative type of termite barrier would be a barrier made from some type of mesh. Concrete slabs may also be fitted around the property to put a halt to the action of termites.

Chemicals and Poisons

The company you decide to work with for pest removal termite control will avoid using any toxic chemicals and poisons at all costs. Why, you ask? Well, chemicals and poisons, while they might work in the long-run, can be unsafe and not very environmentally friendly. They will normally only be used when there is a dense pest population. If you’re concerned about toxic substances being used, ask questions ahead of extermination being carried out.

The pest removal termite control services offered through Pink Pest Services are safe and effective. Call 1300 132 062 to learn more.

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