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The Facts On How To Get A Weed Card In South Houston

The Facts On How To Get A Weed Card In South Houston Posted on May 6, 2022

Patients in and around the South Houston area, as well as those across the Lone Star state, often wonder how to get a weed card. This can be confusing as a quick search on the internet provides a list of websites offering to provide information on how to get a weed card. In fact, there are no MMJ cards in Texas, although people still use this term if they are familiar with the process in other states.

Just the Facts

The websites that provide information that there is no MMJ card in Texas are correct. Any websites telling you how to get a weed card in South Houston are using incorrect information that is based on the process in many other states.

Texas does not have medical marijuana doctors make a recommendation for the use of medical marijuana for the treatment of qualifying medical and psychological conditions. Instead, medical marijuana doctors in Texas provide qualifying patients with an actual prescription.

This is not the same as a prescription from your primary care provider. Instead, the MMJ doctor enters the patient information and prescription into the Compassionate Use Registry of Texas (CURT). This electronic prescription allows patients to use any approved dispensary in the state to order their medical marijuana as per the prescription.

It is important to note that Texas uses a telemedicine service to approve patients based on their diagnosis. Therefore, there is no in-person office visit to the medical marijuana doctor, which is very helpful to patients with challenges in mobility or those dealing with the qualifying medical and psychological conditions recognized by the state.

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