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The Importance Of Unit Dose Packaging

The Importance Of Unit Dose Packaging Posted on January 31, 2017

One of the many changes in the pharmaceutical industry is the increasing need to have full tracking and tracing for medications used in hospitals, for prescriptions for patients as well as tracking through the supply chain.

This need for continued monitoring and tracking of medications, known as the Drug Supply Chain Security Act, is in place for both medications in unit dose packaging as well as those medications supplied in bottles or other types of containers.

In Europe, where unit dose packaging has been the norm for many years, this type of packaging has been in place for a significant amount of time, providing greater control in monitoring medications in hospitals and long-term care facilities. Blister packaging, even for commonly used medications, is the rule rather than the exception.

Simplified Dosage Measurement

With the use of unit dose packaging measurement for dosage is very easy, helping to eliminate even very rare issues of medication dosage mistakes. This is also carried forward to the pharmacy where the prescription is filled.

Using traditional types of containers with bulk medications, it can be very easy to lose the serialization information when the pharmacists and the techs are filling orders for either hospitals or for individual patients. This prevents tracing and tracking of the medication once it has been transferred from the bottle from the pharmaceutical company to the prescription pill bottle.

By using blister packs, the need to ensure full transfer of serialization information to the bottle being distributed to the patient or the hospital is no longer an issue. Each package can be printed with the required information to be compliant with the law during the packaging process.

This not only helps to maintain the serialization information, but this type of packaging is often preferred by the patients and by nurses as it is more efficient. It also makes storing medications easier, something that is critical in all types of facilities.

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