The Many Benefits of 6061 Aluminum Plate

by | Jun 1, 2015 | Business

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6061 aluminum plate is a very popular and common alloy used today. It is created by combining silicon and magnesium with aluminum, and is considered to be an excellent general purpose alloy.

Once called alloy 61s, 6061 has been around for many decades. 6061 is commonly used in mid to high strength applications. The mechanical properties are excellent and unlike some types of aluminum, it can be welded.

Uses in Industry
6061 is used in many industrial applications. For example:
* Welding – Using a MIG or TIG welder materials can be successfully welded with about eighty percent strength loss. When reheated, T4 or T6 grade is restored. Also, to restore some strength, the material may be aged naturally after welding.
* Extrusions – by forcing 6061 through a die, long shapes can be created. Extrusions can easily be formed into just about any kind of shape or size. Extrusions are commonly used in automotive industry and also for many home appliances, also some types of desks and industrial furniture.
* Forging – many types of industrial automotive parts are created by forging. A billet is placed in a die after heating. Next the billet is subject to an enormous amount of pressure, forming the product.

Consumer and Commercial Uses
Because of its light weight and high strength, 6061 has many uses for consumer and commercial products. For example:
* Aircraft – main structures of aircraft must be very strong and resist the fatigue of taking off and landing multiple times. These machines require something strong as steel but as light as possible. Many airplane fuselages and wings are made from 6061. However, 2024 is also used but because it is stronger. Yet, with 2024, some kind of coating protection is necessary to resist corrosion. 6061 resists corrosion much better than 2024 and is easier to work with. Plus it does not require coating for corrosion resistance.
* Water vessels – can be used for all types, including small boats and yachts.
* Cans – when you drink soda or one of your favorite beverages from a can, it’s probably made from 6061 aluminum plate.
* Auto parts – commonly used for wheel spacers
* Railroad cars
* Parts for screw machines
* Bicycles – the ability to weld, makes this alloy excellent for bicycle frames

6061 Aluminum Plate – A Good Choice
If you are looking for aluminum plate products, 6061 may be just what you need. 6061 can be used out of doors and in environments which are less than perfect. This alloy can be coated and your equipment can stamp and machine 6061 to very tight tolerances. However, make sure to choose a trusted provider, to insure quality and especially for materials cut to exact specifications.

To find out more on 6061 aluminum plate and other fine products for Midwestern businesses, contact Howard Precision today. Our home on the Web is at or you can call (414) 355-9611.

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