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The Many Looks and Benefits of Cedar Shake Siding for Denver, CO

The Many Looks and Benefits of Cedar Shake Siding for Denver, CO Posted on March 27, 2020

When you think of cedar shake siding in Denver, CO, you may think of a rustic look. Many traditional home styles were originally built by hand, though, and cedar shake siding adds to that handmade look. In addition, painting cedar shake siding creates a more formal appearance for more formal architectural styles. Eco-friendly cedar shake siding also acts as a sound-proofer and insulator.

Cedar Shake Siding and Architectural Styles

It’s true that the look of the cedar blends well with natural settings and the architectural style of cottages, bungalows, ranches, farmhouses and Craftsman-style homes.

You can leave your siding untreated for the most natural look, but a clear water-proofing treatment or a transparent stain protects the natural look of the siding from Denver weather.

A semi-transparent or solid stain offers a midpoint between the natural look and painting the siding to achieve the most formal look.

Painted cedar shake siding can complement more formal styles such as Federal-style, Italianate or Victorian architecture. Painting this siding also allows you to choose exterior color schemes that particularly enhance the charm of cottages and Victorian homes.

Cedar Shake Siding as a Sound-Proofer and Insulator

Unlike hardwoods, low-density softwoods like cedar have an open cell structure that allows it to act as both a sound proofer and an insulator. The open spaces prevent the siding from transmitting sound from the exterior of your home to the interior and also provide traps for any air that attempts to escape from your home. This helps retain both warm and cool air reducing your reliance on active heating and cooling systems.

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