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The Many Uses for Aluminum Plate

The Many Uses for Aluminum Plate Posted on December 1, 2015

Aluminum has many uses today and some of the most common forms are aluminum plate. Sometimes called aluminum sheet, this material is easy to transform into a number of different shapes and forms. Here are some of the many uses aluminum sheets have in industry today.


A few years ago, the United States government forced the hand of the auto industry to deliver much better gas mileage. Although it seemed almost impossible at the time, the automotive industry tackled the problem and thanks to lightweight materials like aluminum plate, they were able to meet the high standards. Some auto side panels are made from strong aluminum alloy and it has held up extremely well in crash tests.


If not for aluminum alloys, the aircraft and aerospace industries would not be possible. Aluminum is the perfect material for aircraft skins because it is strong and light in weight. Spacecraft fuel tanks are possible because of aluminum plate.


When it comes to armor, few things have the properties of aluminum alloy. Military grade armor made from aluminum plate is strong enough to repel a 50 caliber bullet.

Storage Tanks

Liquid storage has unique requirements and in the past, many tanks were made mostly from steel. Steel is vey sturdy and strong but it is subject to rust and corrosion. Thanks to materials like aluminum plate, many types of tank walls are made from aluminum. Because it holds up well in low temperatures, aluminum storage tanks are seeing use in some of the coldest environments. Plus, aluminum is also used in cryogenic applications where some of the coldest temperatures possible are used, and many types of metals would crack and fail.


If you have ever checked out vintage or antique signs, you’ll notice most are rusted and some are completely deteriorated from rust. Many signs are subject to a great deal of wear and tear from the elements and this why most outdoor signs are now made from aluminum plate. It is very strong and holds up well to outdoor exposure, like rain, snow, sleet, and extremes of temperatures. Plus, it is cost effective for municipalities as they can place many signs in one truck, due to the low weight and profile of aluminum.

Good for the Environment

Aluminum plate is an eco friendly product because it can be easily recycled. In fact, you can recycle aluminum over and over again without changing its properties. It is also an economical choice because it’s possible to save as much as 90 percent of the cost of producing aluminum from ore.

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