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The Portability Factor With Digi-Star Load Cells

The Portability Factor With Digi-Star Load Cells Posted on May 29, 2015

There are many reasons why Digi-Star load cells are considered to ultimate in options for portability for your livestock weighing needs. Their versatility, ease of use and the care in design and construction make these a perfect choice for any farm or ranch from a cow-calf operation to those with show animals.

Even for those large operations with a permanent livestock scale, having the benefit of using Digi-Star load cells for mobile or multiple locations weighing needs just makes sense. The load cells can be placed under any appropriate platform or animal crate to give an accurate read-out without all the hassle of having to move a small number of animals to a larger, permanent scale.

Uneven Surfaces

One of the factors making Digi-Star load cells so popular for livestock shows, events, and even organizations such as 4H and FFA is the fact that these scales can be used in almost any environment. Unlike other livestock scales, there is no requirement for a perfectly level surface, meaning for shows and events it is easy to set up a weigh station even without the perfect group preparation.

This is also critical for livestock producers who many need to use Digi-Star load cells outside of their corral and chute systems. With the ability to get accurate weight even with less than perfect conditions, the Digi-Star scales are very practical and highly effective.

In fact, the Digi-Star load cells, particularly the weigh beams, area self-leveling. This means the scales will automatically adjust for uneven surfaces between the two load cells. They also don’t need calibration between moves, making them a very practical consideration.

Long-Lasting Precision

Unlike some manufacturers and some products, Digi-Star load cells are designed to last. They are constructed with sealed compartments to prevent the risk of damage from exposure to moisture and to dust that is typical any working environment.

Also, even the wiring is shielded with a polyurethane cable. There is protection for the electronics from damage either when moving or through the sometimes very heavy duty use of running cattle, goats, sheep or even horses into and off of the weighing platforms.

The important thing to keep in mind with Digi-Star load cells is that these scales have withstood the test of time over and over again. As a top name in the industry, these loads cells will give you the dependable accuracy you need.

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