The Pros And Cons Of Walk In Tubs

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Conventional bathtubs can be extremely difficult for elderly people and those that have mobility issues, mishaps can easily happen when trying to either enter or exit the tub.

A simple solution to these potential problems is the installation of a walk in tub. Walk in tubs in San Antonio have doors that can open and close, allowing the individual easy access and egress. Walk in tubs are the norm in senior citizen retirement communities throughout the country.

If you are concerned about safety in the bathroom, it will be well worth your while to contact a company that specializes in remodeling projects and discuss the pros and cons.

How do they work?

A typical walk in tub is fitted with a door, the door is either located on the side of the tub or on one end. The door provides barrier free access to the tub, the individual does not have to negotiate a barrier which is the case with a conventional bath.

The doors are sealed, there is no possibility of the water leaking out and flooding the room. Many walk in tubs in San Antonio are designed to empty quickly, this feature is great because the person does not have to sit for any length of time while the water drains away.

What is good about walk in tubs?

Of course the major benefit is the fact that the individual can walk straight into the tub. In addition to this, most are fitted with handrails and seats and have slip free finishes. A walk in tub eliminates the need for a sliding shower door, this often poses a real problem for the elderly and people with motor function issues.

What are the cons of a walk in tub?

There is actually very little wrong with walk in tubs in San Antonio. Sure, you must be in the tub before you can fill it and it might take a few minutes for it to drain before you can get out but when you consider the safety aspects, nothing beats one.

Walk in tubs in San Antonio make bathing much easier and safer for the elderly and those with limited mobility. If you are faced with these problems you are invited to discuss the solution with Shaw Company Remodeling or contact online on

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