The Role Of Brand Awareness In Strategic Brand Management

by | Jul 31, 2023 | Advertising

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Strategic brand management encapsulates the essence of marketing and communication. It is a process that involves designing and executing marketing activities with the objective of building, measuring, and managing a brand’s reputation.

The Evolution of Strategic Brand Management

The landscape of brand management has seen significant changes in recent times, with strategies now incorporating social elements. It is no longer solely the responsibility of marketing and communications teams. Successful brand management involves various corporate functions, each playing its role in creating a strong brand identity.

Brand Strategy Development

Strategic brand management involves the creative formulation of brand strategies. The aim is to build robust brands that stand out from the competition. This requires a comprehensive understanding of the competitive landscape and the unique value that the brand brings to the table.

New Approaches to Brand Equity

In the evolving world of strategic brand management, new methodologies for creating and evaluating brand equity are emerging. These advanced insights are reshaping strategic thinking in brand management, leading to more effective strategies.

Consumer-Brand Relationship

An integral part of strategic brand management is the development of a consumer-brand relationship framework. This strategy helps foster stronger connections between the brand and its consumers, leading to increased brand loyalty.

Integrating Brand Culture

Lastly, strategic brand management also entails managing the integration of brand culture across different operational countries. This concept, known as strategic brand-culture fit, plays a crucial role in maintaining a consistent brand image globally.

Strategic brand management is a comprehensive and ongoing process. It involves various aspects, from formulating strategies and managing brand relationships to integrating brand culture. These components collectively contribute to the creation and maintenance of a strong brand identity.

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