The Shear Head – Features, Advantages and More

by | Jan 11, 2016 | Business

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shear heads are pieces of equipment that are commonly used by construction and industrial workers in the forestry, oil, mining, and road maintenance industries, among others. They are manufactured out of a variety of materials – such as aluminum and steel – and can be attached to shears, which in turn have been specifically designed and engineered for situations where very fast cutting is required, such as thinning and clear cutting forested areas.

Specific Features and Advantages
The extremely fast cutting speed has made shear heads a necessity for many laborers, from independent contractors in rural areas to large-scale logging companies. There are a variety of features that make a shear head an obvious choice for swift, easy logging and clear cutting jobs.

Although there are a few different styles and models that you may wish to review, most shear heads are designed to work well for boom machines and drive-to-tree bunchers. Most have a special one-piece grab arm as well as an accumulator arm, both of which operate in a unique cycle that allows for very precise thinning and clear cutting. The cycle operates with a partial delay.

Attaching a Shear Head
A steel or aluminum shear head can be attached easily to virtually any style of shear. The machine will remain stable as you operate it, even as it completes very rapid delayed cutting sequences. The centered accumulation prevents it from falling over or moving too quickly out of control. Both the bottom and top blades generally remain stationary as the shear is in operation.

Scissor shear heads are uniquely designed for further flexibility. They have what is known as “rabbit ear”blades that precisely cut evenly and seamlessly. They are useful for cutting tougher materials, such as carpet and chip board. Like most shears, a tool with a scissor shear head weighs somewhere in the range of five pounds, making it extremely portable and easy to carry along with you anywhere you can imagine.

Replacing your shear heads regularly is important, and helps to ensure that tools are operating properly on a daily basis. Don’t waste valuable time seeking out new shear heads. Contact a supplier and order these affordable replacements.

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