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The Uses for Pet Laser Therapy in Clifton, Virginia

The Uses for Pet Laser Therapy in Clifton, Virginia Posted on October 7, 2019

Veterinary services continue to evolve to provide pets with the same level of quality medical care that is available to their human companions. The goal of all medical services is to offer whatever is the safest, most effective, and affordable choice possible. Laser therapy fulfills the desired goals in several ways.

Relief Without Drugs

Laser therapy helps patients with medical issues that cause pain and enables the animal to have relief without the need for medication. Laser Therapy in Clifton VA works to relieve inflammation and discomfort for some types of arthritis, certain disc disorders, and skin conditions. The healing benefits also help pets suffering from broken bones and sprains to reduce discomfort. The freedom from medication reduces the risk of side effects and allows the animal to feel relief sooner.

Healing with Light

The powerful light uses frequencies to promote changes at the cellular level in tissue. The therapy can help to shorten the amount of time it takes for surgical incisions and other wounds to heal. Lasers help to reduce the amount of scar tissue an animal has after surgery and can make it easier and faster to heal and infection. Laser therapy may even help to regenerate nerve tissue for pets with nerve disorders or nerve damage.

Benefits Without Risks

Pet Laser Therapy in Clifton VA is a cold laser treatment that works safely without the risk of burns. The process relaxes the pet so medical treatment is less stressful for a nervous or impatient animal. Cold laser therapy has no side effects. It makes it possible to reduce the number of antibiotics, pain medication, or muscle relaxants a pet needs – so, it has the potential to reduce the chance of side effects from these drugs as well.

Laser therapy is only one example of the advances in veterinary care that can help pets to live longer and happier lives. Clinics like Crosspointe Animal Hospital use these types of treatment methods to ensure their patients have access to the best of what the industry has to offer today. All pet owners should learn more about the advances in modern animal healthcare, and what it could mean for their pets. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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