Thing to Know When It Comes to Replacing Partial Dentures in Queens, NY

by | Nov 28, 2016 | Death Care

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Partial dentures solve the problem of missing teeth. They fit into place and allow an individual to eat and speak normally. They also can help to boost confidence as missing teeth can detract from a person’s appearance. However, what happens when the dentures don’t last, they turn up missing, or they break? Patients need to be aware of their options when it comes to replacing partial dentures in Queens NY.

Dentures aren’t made to last forever. In fact, many people end up replacing partial dentures in Queens NY every five to ten years or so, depending on the material they are made of and how they are cared for. This is the average, but can be different for each patient. However, when the time comes to create a replacement, patients should make an appointment with their dentist to learn more about their options. For some, replacement with another set of partial dentures is ideal. Others may be interesting in finding out if they can do something different or permanent in order to take care of the tooth loss.

Sometimes, instead of just changing over to a new pair of dentures, patients take a second look at implants. This creates a solution that does not need to be removed from the mouth and one that will last considerably longer. In some instances, patients appreciate that the implants can create an even more natural look that fits seamlessly into the mouth. If you think that you’d like to make the transition from partial dentures to implants, contact us for more information.

Ideally, it helps to have the actual dentures on hand in order to replace them. This makes the entire process easier. And, because it can take a while for the process to be complete, patients have something to wear until the new set is available for use. Dentists can take a look at the partial dentures that are being replaced and see if they can determine where the item broke or what type of care could have prevented the need for replacement. If the dentures aren’t available to use as a guide, there is other documentation that will help the dentist create the perfect fit for the open spaces in the gums.

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